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Mailing, Curbside Pickup, In Pharmacy Pickup

Here at Seeley Swan Pharmacy, we offer a wide range of methods. We offer mailing, curbside pickup, as well as pickup in store.

If there is a product we do not have, we can order and get it next day.

Blood Pressure Monitoring

Stop by anytime and use our LifeClinic Health Station. This station will give you an accurate test result on your blood pressure levels.


Retail Products In Store

  • Diabetic Supplies

  • Gift Cards

  • Greeting Cards

  • Gift Wrap

  • Skin Care

  • Hair Care

  • Batteries

  • Analgesics

  • Eye/Ear Products

  • Dental

  • Cough/Cold/Allergy

  • Cosmetics

  • Antacid/Laxatives

  • First Aid

  • Foot Care

  • Feminine Hygiene

  • Bath/Personal Products

  • Smoking Cessation

  • Emu Products

    • Candles​

    • Chapstick

    • Emu Oil

    • Soap

    • Skin Care

  • Local Honey

    • Mountain Man Honey

    • - Seeley Lake, MT​

  • Incontinence

  • Lotion

  • Vitamins

    • Nature's Blend​

  • Sunglasses/Reading Glasses

  • Home Healthcare

    • Crutches​

    • Braces

    • Durable Medical Equipment

    • Blood Pressure Cuffs/Monitors

Medical Safe Disposal Box

Bring your old/unused medication to Seeley Swan Pharmacy to safely be disposed of. We do not accept liquid over 4 oz or needles.

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